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The Chinese reader is a tool designed to aid non-fluent readers of chinese. It provides an intuitive interface to help you explore the language. Just paste in a block of chinese text—news article, lyrics, an email..and let the reader make your job easier.

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text: 這 句 看 得 見 嗎 ? Canyoureadthis
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Givology is a foundation started by fellow UPenn alumni that aims to increase access to education for needy students in the developing world. By leveraging the power of the Internet and forming partnerships with leading education organizations, Givology bridges the gap between individual donors and students and villages in need.

The current partners have a focus on china, and small donations from users like yourself can empower children in unimaginably poor conditions with a decent education, and open the doors to opportunities in life. Just a few dollars makes all the difference.

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